I love people photography but I also specialise in documentary photography and can often be found in the most unusual of locations from dark alley ways to back yards and even climbing over walls to find the hidden images that many would turn a blind eye to.  My work features urban landscapes and appropriated photography working with third sector organisations such as Shelter Cymru, The Big Issue and the WCVA to name a few.



     Through found Photography to Archive material Poor Housing and Health run hand in hand    leading you through a discourse of images which embody the evidence of contaminants which may attack the very core of the body.  Research has proven that mold and damp within the home is directly related to be one of the causes of Asthma; additional studies have gone on to discuss other health imacts that poor housing may be attributed to but it is for you to decide.

The concept is simple one issue but one that is shared by the many and paired with the scientific evidence; it is a question of…?

“The problem with poor housing is that we all believe it is important for public health but; it is compounded by the social setting.  Seperating out the effect of a house from the income of a family and how they spend their money on food, clothing, lifestyle goods such as with smoking, alcohol, diet and health is near on impossible.  These issues are all mixed up together so it is the case that poor people live in poor housing and also have higher rates of smoking, higher rates of poor diet and so this is contextual you can’t buy healthy cheap.”

Professor Stephen Palmer – Cardiff Medical School


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