My love for photography came later in life but it came from an inherent desire to question my surroundings and those further a field, and it was photography that gave me the visual power to embody my personal ethics and motives in life.  I had been working for The Big Issue Cymru as a Network Manager where I had to raise awareness of homelessness and the issues surrounding it; in addition I discussed the active role The Big Issue played in helping vulnerable individuals seek a better life.  As my photography developed my desire to tackle social injustice grew and  I knew then that photography was becoming more than a sideline to my work; it was becoming my life.  Newport University became a pivotal step in the next phase of my life and I give my thanks to the Documentary Photography team at Newport University; namely Ken Grant, Clive Landen and Paul Rees for their continued support and sharing with me there experience and for teaching me what it means to be a real photographer.

My services range from the social setting as in weddings and portrait photography to commission and personal projects which all embody my conscientious approach.  I am a friendly and warm photographer with the ability to engage with all walks of life.


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